Is the Uncertainty stealing your energy?

There is always uncertainty and change going on – sometimes we forget that. But unusually, at the moment, it’s happening to all of us at the same time. Many of the things we had planned for ourselves just aren’t happening or are happening quite differently. Sometimes it can feel tiring. Sometimes we imagine the worst will happen

We may be grieving over things that might have been but aren’t. The things we wish we could do but can’t. The people we wish we could hug, and they aren’t here. For me, I’ve had it relatively easy, and at the same time, how I wish that my son had been able to move over from Canada as planned. Now jobs may be harder to get and maybe he’ll just stay put.

Some of you have way more to deal with than that.

For me, the most useful thing to remember in all of this is what’s within my control and what isn’t. And how do I want to deal with the uncertainty?


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3 Ways to Boost Your Health With Your Mind

How can we best help ourselves in this time of uncertainty and potential health risks?

  1. CHECKING: avoid things you know make you anxious; for example if you know that checking the latest news online 18 times a day raises your anxiety levels then decide how to calm that down in a way that works for you. And if you are good at ‘body-checking’ – that is, you are constantly checking your body to find out whether you have any symptoms of ill-health – then teach yourself to look for the parts of your body and the body systems that are working well

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Ending Migraines – Wendy’s Story

“I came to the Lightning Process primarily to tackle my migraines, which had been getting worse and more frequent – sometimes it felt as if I had barely recovered from the last one before the next one hit. Needless to say, my energy and enthusiasm for life were not high.

Since doing the lightning process, I have not had a single migraine. But I hadn’t expected it to also affect other areas of my life. I’m eating better (I’ve struggled with my weight for many decades), sleeping better, and exercising more – and it doesn’t feel like a struggle, it has become something I just do. I have more energy, more zest for life, and find myself noticing and appreciating all the good things that happen.

I’ve had a couple of real challenges since doing the LP, and at one point felt myself slipping back into old behaviour, but a telephone session with my Practitioner was all I needed to get me back into my groove. The LP really works – I can’t stop recommending it to everyone!”


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