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The Lightning Process

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Complimentary exploratory conversation.


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July 19th - 21st online

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Course Dates

June 23rd - 25th Face-to-Face Bristol

July 19th - 21st online

September 1st - 3rd TBC

5 Star Reviews for Pippa

…from people who took Pippa’s 3 day Lightning Process course

19 Years of Insomnia...Gone!

Over three days Pippa Adamson brought out the magic within us. After 15 nights sleeping in a row, I ceased numbering them and declared myself free of Insomnia!

The Crohn’s disease is in remission and I enjoy eating good food and digesting easily. My skin is already 80% better.

I had arthritis in the finger and thumb of my left hand, making opening a jar or embroidery painful. The other day I opened a jar without thinking and realized it did not hurt!
Debra Swinley

9 Years and Going Strong

9 years after doing the Lightning Process for general wellbeing I’m feeling really fit and strong, maybe fitter than I’ve been for say a decade. And I attribute this to LP - and Pippa.

Ta muchly!
Liz Hine

Teenage Recovery

Before doing the Lightning Process, I had lots of headaches and I was tired all the time. My muscles were sore like I just finished a marathon. All my symptoms meant I couldn’t do anything I wanted to do like hockey, baseball, hangout with friends or go to school.

The course was very easy and after the first session I was able to take a long walk around Victoria when previously I could not walk more than a couple blocks without feeling exhausted.

After doing the Lightning Process, I am able to do all the things I love like skating, snowboarding, spending time with my friends and doing tricks with my Kendama. Pippa was very helpful throughout the process. After our 3 days with her, she Skyped us regularly, and after each call I always had a big boost in feeling great. Four months later I am feeling as good as I had before I got sick.

Thank you Pippa!
Tyler Kraft

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

£750 for 3 half-days and free follow-up coaching.

Am I ill enough?

We see people with all sorts of symptoms. Some are very sick indeed and some are fairly well.

Am I too ill?

See above.

Generally it is best for participants to leave home to do the course so that they leave their familiar surroundings to get the change they want. Due to the pandemic, we are currently offering courses online only. Please contact us if you want to discuss face-to-face training


Where can I do the Lightning Process course?

Pippa offers courses in Bristol, Worcester and Oxford and in the UK.

Internationally she can offer courses in Vancouver Island, Canada and Cape Town, South Africa. 

See my course dates here.

What does the Lightning Process course involve?

Once you have been assessed as ready to do the course and have decided to go ahead you will receive details from your practitioner about how to pay and where the course will be. 

Here is a general outline of the course structure:

Day 1 – you will learn the main concepts behind the Lightning Process and begin to learn the tool you will be using to make the changes you want.

Day 2 – you will learn the more advanced elements of the Lightning Process.

Day 3 – we will make sure that you are leaving the course with the tools you need to use it in your everyday life, so that you are moving towards the life you have decided you want.

How many people will be in my group?

The course can happen with any number between 1-5 people.

Will I need to share my story in the group?

Only as much as suits you and creates the possibility of change.

What support will I get after I complete the course?

You will leave the course with a download that takes you through everything that you have learned. See for details.

You will also have booked a time to talk to Pippa about a week after finishing the course.

You will have up to 3 hours free post-course coaching available.

You can also book in for Refresher courses which we run from time to time.

Will I definitely get better?

Most people find that using the Lightning Process ideas and tools will completely change their lives. 

However, the Lighting Process is a training course….it involves learning and practising what we teach you, and therefore we cannot guarantee results. 

To some extent you will need to decide when you are ready to take that leap of faith that, not only can this work for many many people, you can also make it work for you.

What is the assessment call?

We have a set of questions we use to assess whether you are ready to do the course. 

They also act as coaching to prepare you for doing the course. 

You will call Pippa at an agreed time for this.

How do I know when I am ready to do the Lighting Process?

If you’ve really had enough of your issues and are determined to learn how to change them then you are likely to be ready. 

You may be a little nervous and not sure how to do it, but teaching you the ‘How’ is our job.

How do I know if I’m not ready for the Lighting Process?

If you are desperate to get rid of your issues but not excited about finding out how to do that then you may not be ready.

What evidence is there that the Lighting Process works?

Please see the research page here

Thank you for your interest in the Lightning Process.

You may have even more questions.

Please contact me by phone or email and I will make sure you get the answers you need before you make your decision.