REPORT: The 10 Biggest Misunderstandings of People with Long-Term Health Conditions

Are your health issues
really getting you down?

Wellness could be closer than you think...

Do you feel low much of the time?

Is your recovery taking longer than you thought?

Are you worried you’ll be stuck with this forever?

Have you tried ‘everything’ but nothing seems to work?

Are you thriving or just surviving?

Pippa Adamson

When Surviving Is Just Not Enough

Pippa's 'Learning to Thrive' Approach

Introducing Pippa’s ‘Learning to Thrive’ approach
which has helped so many others who thought there was no hope, to create a life they love...

Step 1: Why

Working out where things have gone wrong for you and why it’s been so difficult to solve on your own.

Step 2: What

Getting a better understanding of how things are for you at the moment and exploring what you want instead.

Step 3: How

Looking at how you can get your life back in a way that, up to now, has proved impossible.

Who is Pippa Adamson?

Pippa has 25 years of coaching and training experience. She has built a reputation for bringing a lightness of touch and a compassionate, calming approach to all aspects of her work. 

She herself recovered from decades of chronic illness and in 2007 made a complete recovery by learning and using the Lightning Process. 

This is the training she now provides to clients who come to her with a wide range of conditions and emotional states. 

Through a unique combination of the Lightning Process training and Pippa’s highly effective coaching, she enables them to make their own surprising changes and transform their lives – something they had often previously not thought possible.

And is a Phil Parker Advanced Lightning Process Practitioner

Who Pippa Works With

Pippa works with people who, until now, thought there was no escape from the difficult situation they find themselves in through no fault of their own.

Clients of all ages bring a range of physical and medical conditions or other complex problems, which they have been trying to resolve, often unsuccessfully, for many years. These may include extreme fatigue, incessant pain, anxiety issues or ongoing sadness.

Of course, they may not at first believe it’s possible to positively change their situation, but that’s normal and understandable, given what they have been living with for so long. Pippa herself was surprised to recover after 25-30 years of illness. 

Pippa naturally puts her clients at ease and works alongside them as get their life back.

Pippa's Success Stories

I’m not depressed. I'm sleeping great and getting up with lots of energy. I've started a new job and am feeling really positive about it. I'm in possibly the best physical shape of my life and am loving exercise again. I'm feeling well organised and my calendar is filling up with things I'm looking forward to. I'm very very happy!
6 weeks after doing LP for chronic fatigue (can get pic) Pippa is a natural communicator with a great sense of humour. I found her down to earth and consistent. I enjoyed the course as she balanced information and guidance with good humour and great insight. I did the process six weeks ago and I am still coming to terms with the incredible wellness I feel. I never imagined I would be able to get back to a fulfilling life after so long with ME.
Several weeks after doing the LP for chronic fatigue and anxiety Thank you so much for providing such amazing training, it really has changed my life. I've just bought myself some fancy trail shoes, as I've always loved the look of doing cross country running and never thought I would be able to do it…

Pippa Works with Her Clients in Two Ways:

The Lightning Process

Initial complementary conversation

Preparation for the Lightning Process course

Lightning Process course delivered over 3 half days

Ongoing follow-up coaching to embed the learning


NLP, Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching or Coaching at Work Sessions

Complimentary 15 minute conversation

1½ hr initial session

Further 1hr sessions, according to need, usually between 1-6

The 10 Most Common Misunderstandings that Prevent People with Long-Term Conditions from Returning to Health

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