Being Fully Yourself

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be completely yourself? Fully well, and making a difference in the world in the way you choose? Not trying to fit in with others’ ideas of who or how you should be and not playing small.

Just take a moment to imagine what that would be like………..what will you be doing? How will you be when you are with other people who like you? Or people who aren’t so keen on you? How will you deal with things that go wrong?

For many of us, becoming fully ourselves, fulfilling our potential, is a lifetime’s project.

There are lots of ways we can expand ourselves and our possibilities…….get some good life coaching…..make a picture of how life will look when we’ve got it as we want it……..start by describing our ideal life and how we feel, and work backwards to discover how we did it……..sing……dance……make music……make art

Consider making today the day when you start giving yourself the space to become more of yourself, to take up more space in the world, and to risk getting more visible. Even if it’s only two minutes each day, let your brain practise.

Take two minutes each day to imagine yourself spacious and significant, making the difference you want to make in the world, enjoying your life.

And let me know what happens!