No lunch break again? Are you living a Sustainable Life?

I was speaking to a client recently who mentioned in passing that she never takes a lunch break at work. This is a client whose company has paid for her to take the Lightning Process course in the interests of her wellbeing. I didn’t comment, as we had other things to discuss at the time.

Later I remembered:

In the old days, a long long time ago, when I was in the gentle slide down into full-blown M.E/Chronic Fatigue and I had a full-time job running a Housing Association for homeless young people, I didn’t take lunch breaks either. There was always something more important to do.

After a few years of this and taking time off work due to my Chronic Fatigue I worked out (because I had to) what a difference it made to my wellbeing if I did take a lunch break.

So my question is: Is the life you’re currently living a sustainable one? Maybe you’re perfectly well and happy right now, but maybe you push yourself; maybe sometimes you’re ‘running on empty’; maybe you do a bit too much anxiety as you rush around trying to get everything to fit together.

And my suggestion is: take a little time out occasionally to look at your life and consider whether it’s sustainable in the long-term. It’s fine to rush around for a while and do without a lunch break or time with the kids or time to unwind but is this the long-term future you want for yourself? Notice whether your internal voice is always pushing you to do more. See if you can tone it down, making it a more compassionate and kind voice, an encouraging coach who looks out for your wellbeing.P1030813