Ending Migraines – Wendy’s Story

“I came to the Lightning Process primarily to tackle my migraines, which had been getting worse and more frequent – sometimes it felt as if I had barely recovered from the last one before the next one hit. Needless to say, my energy and enthusiasm for life were not high. Since doing the lightning process, I have not had a single migraine. But I hadn’t expected it to also affect other areas of my life. I’m eating better (I’ve struggled with my weight for many decades), sleeping better, and exercising more – and it doesn’t feel like a struggle, it has become something I just do. I have more energy, more zest for life, and find myself noticing and appreciating all the good things that happen. I’ve had a couple of real challenges since doing the LP, and at one point felt myself slipping back into old behaviour, but a telephone session with Pippa was all I needed to get me back into my groove. The LP really works – I can’t stop recommending it to everyone I meet!”

Update: I saw Wendy today. She says she has had no migraines for the 3 years since she did the Lightning Process. Here’s a recent picture of her (second from left) performing Arabic dance in her local park