Working and Swimming in New Zealand

Only 3 weeks left in Auckland before I head out on that long flight home. I arrived in January and ran 3 Lighting Process courses in the South Island plus Refresher courses and one-to-one NLP sessions. What fun doing the job I love in a whole new place in the Summer!

I’ve had some holiday too, and spent as much time as possible swimming in the sea/waterfalls/rivers/estuaries and I have even been Blackwater rafting – which is basically sitting in an inner tube floating down a very cold river in a cave looking up at glowworms that look like stars.

Well, each to her own, you may say, but it was good fun. New Zealand has an endless supply of fabulous views, forests, mountains and beaches so here’s one picture. If you want more go to my Facebook Page where you will find photos as well as news about clients who have got their life back using the Lightning Process