Changing Chronic Pain

Now that it is well known that ALL pain is in the brain we know that chronic pain (pain that’s been around for over 3 months and appears to have no particular cause) can be changed by changing neural pathways. Is this really possible?

In the past few months I have seen many clients with chronic pain. This has varied from migraines/headaches to tinnitus to foot/hip/back pain and many more varieties of pain.

I have seen all of them make changes by learning the tools of the Lightning Process. Sometimes this has happened very fast (we watched one man’s foot change colour while we were doing day one of the course) and sometimes it has taken a significant amount of hard work and just finding that final thing that will shift it. Sometimes it has shifted completely and sometimes there is more work to be done but I think I am right in saying that for every client it has changed at the very least how they deal with the pain; it has come to seem less important.

Numbness can also be changed. I saw a young man who was numb all the way down his left side. He changed this after an hour’s session of NLP.

Here is a Ted Talk that explains why chronic pain is changeable