3 Ways to Deal With Change You Can’t Control

So, just over half of the UK voted to leave Europe. And just under half voted to stay. For those who didn’t get the answer they were hoping for, what should your response be? Depression? Anger? Confusion? Panic?

As we all get used to this new reality what resources do we need to go through a big change, whichever way we voted?

Life has its ups and downs and our attitude to the changes that happen that we haven’t chosen, and even some of those we have chosen, will depend on our resilience, our adaptability, our flexibility. We might take a few minutes to be angry, to rail against the reality, to say how unfair it all is; that might even be good for us! But make sure you don’t stay in that place. Living with anger about them in the long term just makes our lives harder and makes it more difficult to adapt.

  1. Inner Strength – develop your belief in yourself, your self-esteem. Remember some specific times in the past where you’ve dealt with difficult things and come out the other side. What does that feel like? Allow yourself to feel that now. You may want to visualise your inner core of strength – see and feel where it is in your body.
  2. External Resources – what do you need to remain not just strong and resilient but also kind to yourself at this time? A long walk? A talk with a friend? A Life Coach? Check out what resources are available to you and use them
  3. A Plan – maybe you didn’t choose this change; you can still consider what you could  do that will allow you to feel some control over what’s happening. For example, to attend a meeting, find like-minded people, or to just observe this change and how it affects you. If it’s important to fight some of the change without holding on to anger that may be destructive for you, consider what you can do using 1. and 2. above

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