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Pippa Adamson

I spent the first part of my career in Housing and Homelessness. During this time I became exhausted and sick for several years. In 1991 after many years of struggle, I was diagnosed with M.E.

I stopped work, had two children and started my own part-time business as a mentor, trainer and facilitator . In 2007, having searched for twenty five years for an answer to the sickness and exhaustion, which moved on to muscle pain and mobility problems, I had found ways of coping. I needed a wheelchair some of the time, but it would have to do.

Then our thirteen year-old son, Callum, was diagnosed with M.E., so we had to do something dramatic. We invested in Callum and I both doing the Lightning Process. I didn’t expect much because I had tried pretty much everything.

We have never looked back. He was back at school full-time by the following term. He has just completed four years at University. I do work that I love and spend my leisure time swimming, cycling and gardening. We got our lives back.

What I can offer you, through Coaching or Lightning Process work, is to be alongside you while you make progress, improvement and change focused on the outcomes you want.

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Derrick Purdue

I am a qualified Shiatsu Practitioner, with a Diploma from the Bristol School of Shiatsu, and an MRSS (Member of the Register of the Shiatsu Society). I am active in two Shiatsu Society (UK) sub-committees. I am based in the Fishponds Practice in East Bristol. I also take Shiatsu Massage into workplaces. I work with many different conditions and help create change on both physical and emotional levels. Clients report new levels of relaxation and well-being as well as improvement in a range of symptoms What is Shiatsu?

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