Symptoms – A Quick Fix

Have got a symptom at the moment that bothers you? Those of you who have worked with me may recognise this speedy yet highly effective way to shift it.

Headache, indigestion, stiffness, pain, eczema….it doesn’t matter what it is

It’s works by looking at how your brain is currently ‘coding’ your symptom

For example, if you have (are dûing, for fans of the Lightning Process) a HEADACHE, consider for a moment……

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STEP ONE – If you were to draw a picture of it


What colour is it?

How big is it?

Is it hot or cold?

Where is it?

What kind of texture does it have?

How do you feel about it?

Whatever picture you come up with IS HOW YOUR BRAIN IS CODING YOUR HEADACHE


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Making Decisions: Dealing with Change

Have you ever made a decision and found, when it comes to following through, you really wish you hadn’t?

Recently one of my clients, let’s call her Anne, bought a house. That’s a HUGE thing to do, right?

She made an offer….contracts were exchanged…and it was nearly time to leave her old house and move in to the new one.

Suddenly she ‘realised’ it was all a big mistake; she should never have done it; she’s actually happy where she is; everything will be fine if things stay the same


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