Be Your Own Life Coach No. 4: Making Big Decisions (iii)

So, you’ve got some perspective on your life story (See ‘Be Your Own Life Coach no.2’) and you’ve considered your values, the ways of behaving that are important in your life (See ‘Be Your Own Life Coach no.3’).

Now you need a list:

Advantages and Disadvantages of each option

What will you gain and what will you lose?

You may want to give more weight to some of these than others

And you may be able to see which is the right decision from doing this.


If you’re still not sure………………………………spend the whole of tomorrow imagining you’ve chosen one of these options. How does it feel? What does this teach you?

And spend the whole of the next day imagining you’ve chosen another of the options. Again, how does this feel? What does it teach you?

This is an excellent way of moving forward with making a big decision. Good luck, and let me know how it’s going

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