Being More You

Ever feel like you’re being a bit of a people-pleaser?

Or maybe you’re a bit careful about how much of yourself you show in case someone doesn’t like it?

I don’t know if you’ve ever come across Lizzo. She’s a pop star. Whenever I see her performing or being interviewed I’m blown away by how unapologetically HER she is. A great model of really being herself for the rest of us to learn from.

Apart from becoming more Lizzo, here’s another quick and easy way to become more fully yourself:

  1. Change your posture

Walk, stand, sit ‘as if’ you are confident and pleased to be fully you and fully visible.

Notice how this changes how other people relate to you

Allow your confidence to grow as you practice doing this in various different contexts.

When I need a boost I stand with my arms and legs wide and say ‘I’m proud to be me’. It’s wonderful how quickly it becomes true.

Changing your posture is one of the quickest ways to change your brain

‘Modelling’ other people is one of the ways we often work with clients, helping them ‘step into’ what it’s like to be someone else; someone they admire for having qualities they wish they had. So if I wanted to be more relaxed I could ‘step into’ the way my cat sprawls along the floor, stretching himself out fully in the sunshine.

So whether you’re becoming more you by changing your own posture

Or by becoming someone else you admire and taking on their posture

Notice how it feels to take up this space in an interesting new way.

And then,

2. Stand outside of yourself and look at yourself

Now I’d like you to imagine you are looking at the You who uses this posture, the You who sits ‘as if’ they are confident and pleased to be fully themselves. How do they look? How can you tell they believe in themselves? What, if anything, do you want to change to make it even better

What will it mean for your future to be this confident? How does it change who you are and how you are? And how does that change what happens next?


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