Coaching for a Change



Feeling stuck?

I help people who are stuck with some problem or issue in their life , whether it is life or health or work – related.

I will work with you with warmth and compassion to help you explore and resolve your issue         

We can make BIG progress in just a few sessions ( usually 1-6 sessions)

Book 3 sessions at a time and get a discount

I love to work with my clients in the same room. However, I have discovered that coaching works just as well by Skype. Much of my coaching is  done via Skype calls both nationally and internationally, so please do contact me if you are based in somewhere other than Bristol, UK, and you are looking for some support as you work out how to open up that stuckness and move forward into the life you want to be living.

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I will definitely come back to you because you really did make an impact on me where it hasn`t been possible in the past, how you did that was that you listened to me and asked the right questions which was a first. Brenda

My qualifications are: Masters in NLP, Advanced Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP and Life Coaching, Diploma in Leadership, Facilitation and Coaching



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