Coaching for Change

Feeling Stuck?

When surviving is not enough
Pippa Adamson is a trained practitioner, qualified, experienced and skilled in NLP, Clinical Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching.
She can help you get change with personal, emotional and health issues. Pippa works with warmth and compassion, helping you to explore and resolve your issue. She can make BIG progress in just a few sessions (usually 1-6 sessions).

Pippa loves to work with her clients in the same room. However, she has discovered that coaching works just as well via Zoom. Much of her coaching is done in this way both nationally and internationally, so please do contact her if you are based somewhere other than Bristol, UK, and are looking for support as you work out how to move forward into the life you want to be living.

Complimentary Discovery call

First session 1.5 hours £120

1 hour sessions  £80

Support Package 1.5 hour session plus 2 x 1 hour session booked in advance £260

PainShift Package 6 Coaching Sessions plus Lightning Process course £1230

Judy's Experience: Anxiety

“I have chronic asthma and have been having moments of panic about the thought of not being able to breathe and of being hospitalised If I were to catch the Coronavirus. I admit that before doing the session I was a bit sceptical and a bit worried about feeling self-conscious. However by the end of it I was very surprised to be literally able to breathe differently and better. I feel far more empowered should I ever feel worried about my breathing or if I’m feeling fearful of, or if I actually catch the virus. So I can’t recommend this process highly enough to fellow asthmatics or people with other lung conditions.”

PainShift Package

Coaching and Lightning Process package for Chronic pain issues

A tailor made package for those who are dealing with chronic pain.
This package allows me to remain alongside you with weekly coaching and the Lightning Process course while you re-train your brain to deal with pain in a more useful way

If members of your organisation are regularly absent due to ill health, or are on long-term sick leave, then the chances are that Pippa can teach them how to be well.

This saves you money and allows them to get their life back. 

Pippa teaches the tools people need to allow the mind to influence the body in a whole new way. They will learn how to calm down the stress response and re-balance their life.
Long-term activation of the stress response has a detrimental effect on other systems in the body such as the immune, muscle and digestive systems. This can lead to chronic, often unexplained symptoms. It may arise in response to a virus, an operation, an accident or a significant life event.
Pippa sees people with all sorts of conditions including headaches, feeling low or anxious, extreme tiredness and pain.
This training quickly teaches you – as long as you feel ready to learn – how to deal with stress much more easily; how to increase wellness and resilience; and to enjoy life and work much more.
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Olivia's Experience: Procrastination

Pippa really knows her stuff. I love the way she makes deep magic happen, while making it seem like a breeze. I think her sense of humour and natural compassion have a lot to do with it 🙂 Following the most recent work we did together, Pippa managed to switch my resistance to finishing writing my book, to excitement! The result? Less than three months later, my book is now in print!

Coaching for Work

Need a New Approach to a Professional Problem?

Coaching through work-based situations

Pippa has been coaching and mentoring  senior managers, managers and front line workers for 25 years. She works with warmth, humour and an ability to challenge that will help you clarify your goals, work more effectively and with more enjoyment. 
Whether you need help with strategic direction, managing staff or dealing with a health issue, Pippa will help you find direction and clarity in your work and your life. 
To achieve this she uses a variety of tools and methods including NLP, Solutions Focus Coaching, and excellent listening and questioning skills.
Pippa works nationally and internationally with clients using Zoom or you can come and see me in Bristol. 
Qualifications: Post-Graduate Diploma in Faciltation, Leadership and Coaching from IDHP; Advanced Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP and Life Coaching; NLP Master Practitioner.
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Ali's Experience: Interview Stress

I had been unemployed for over a year after being made redundant. I had loads of interviews but no job offers. I was getting seriously depressed about my situation.
I knew there was a deep-seated issue which was effecting my ability to think rationally in stressful situations.
I then had just two sessions using NLP with Pippa. I felt an immediate change. It is difficult to describe but I felt lighter in some way.
A week later I had an interview and I’m happy to say I got the Job.
It feels like some issues have been laid to rest leaving my brain free to focus on what I need it to without the baggage.

Ian's Experience: Confident again

I first approached Pippa for work-related coaching at a difficult time; I was self-employed, having something of a crisis of confidence and without work on the horizon - I realised that I needed some help.

Pippa provided me with skilled coaching that first helped me address my immediate difficulties to successfully secure work again (with the associated income).

I had found self-employment a very isolated existence, not managing to forge the connections and networks that I had hoped, regular sessions with Pippa over two years provided me with a place to explore my relationship to my work, be creative, regain confidence, to change direction and find my way back into regular contracted employment.

I can’t stress enough the impact of having Pippa’s skilled help along with her warmth, supportiveness and positivity in this.