Compare and Despair?

How many times a day do you compare yourself to someone else and decide you’re not as good as them?

Are they a better parent than you? Are they more beautiful than you? Can they run faster? Swim farther? Have they got more money? Do they have more fun? Better holidays?

We can play this game all day long if we’re not careful.

Setting ourselves high standards and not coming up to them. And always being able to find someone we know – or someone we have never met – to compare ourselves to; finding ourselves missing the mark again.

What would you say to a child who was playing that game? Maybe something like……’you are fine just as you are’……’I love the way you’………’perfectionists never have any fun anyway’.

You’d be kind to them, wouldn’t you?

So what would you like to say to YOURSELF when you start playing that game again?

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