Do Something Today Your Future Self Will Thank You For

Are you unkind to yourself?

Do you live in a state of near-chaos?

Sometimes we tell ourselves that we really SHOULD do things differently. Eat less cake, drink less wine, work harder or work less or be nicer to our children, or………….(insert your own version of ‘should’ here)

‘Should’s rarely work well for us. They leave us with a sense of being a bad person who just isn’t getting things right. And we often don’t manage to make the change we want. And then we feel even worse about ourselves. Not a good result.

What if you gave yourself a different perspective?

I wrote this statement on a piece of paper a while ago and found it lying around when I was clearing the office. Do something today that your future self will thank you for. I moved the piece of paper to the kitchen and let it sit there for a bit while I thought about it. Then someone who lives in my house said he’d seen the statement and been moved to clear out his room. Good result!

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So, imagine yourself in the future – how far into the future is up to you. What would your future kind and possibly- gently- challenging self suggest that you do differently today so that they can enjoy life even more?

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