Does Your Life Feel Complicated?

Happy December….ah yes, it’s coming up to that Festive season thing, isn’t it?

How would you like it to go?

I’m going for ‘simple and fun’

Lot’s of people I work with are clever, good at overthinking and excellent at making things complicated. This is useful to them at work quite often. They are good at analysing and working things out.

When it comes to personal life complicated is not so great.

So, how can we best Keep It Simple Sunshine (the KISS method)?

What if we made Simplicity our goal for the month? Here are some ways of keeping your life simple:

  1. Decide to make keeping things simple your goal/ your strategy

2. Ask yourself, when things start feeling difficult, ‘What If It Was Easy?’ How would I approach it then?

3. Ask yourself, ‘Am I Being Clear and Straightforward With Others?’

4. And, Am I Taking The Simplest Route from A to B?

5. And finally, give yourself permission to make mistakes, don’t try too hard, and be as flexible as you can when things don’t turn out the way you planned

Enjoy your SIMPLE December

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