Dramatic Change – Sadie’s Story

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I decided to do the Lightning Process with Pippa after seeing an article in The Daily Mail in 2014.I had read the book (Introduction to the Lightning Process by Phil Parker) a year before but couldn’t get my head round it then. After seeing the article I decided to re-read it. At that time I used a wheelchair and had a carer and considered it an achievement if I could make sure I at least made myself one cup of tea a day. For 3 and a 1/2 years I didn’t leave the house without a wheelchair. Any movement of my arms and legs caused severe back pain. My carer helped me wash, cook, dress and drive. My limb pain had started after an infection in my ankle. At my worst I was on a morphine patch and 19 tablets a day and still in pain. Vibrations from being in a wheelchair on a gravel path could keep me from sitting up for 10 days!

After Day 1 of the Lightning Process Seminar I drove my car and walked happily round 3 supermarkets. After Day 2 I took off my morphine patch and had no withdrawal symptoms. I went for a long walk up a hill with some friends. Two weeks later I was singing and dancing at my 4oth Birthday party 

Since then I have been on a high zip wire, climbed a tree, been white water rafting, held a snake, been diving, cycling, running, roller skating, and completed a full-time college course. I am now qualified in reflexology and Swedish and aromatherapy massage, and of course living the life I love. Sadie

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