Fear of Flying – not any more – Louise’s Story

Louise used to get anxious about all sorts of things, including getting in taxis and getting on aeroplanes. She did the Lightning Process 2 years ago particularly for her fear of flying because she had a family wedding in Jamaica to get to. Well, she loved the course and went to that wedding and sent us a great picture from Jamaica s few months after the course.

This week we heard from Louise again to say she was just back from Lapland with her family. In her own words:

“We’ve just returned from a trip to Lapland, something I have wanted to do for the children for many years but held back.

Well what with the flight being delayed for seven hours (the first flight had a technical fault which we discovered upon take off, returned to the departure lounge and went in search of a new plane, normally, this would’ve sent me into a panic, however I simply found the delay an inconvenienceā€¦ :-)” Well no more holding back for me……

Have you been holding back from things you’d love to do because of anxiety?

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