Feeling Stuck? Using Perspective to Create Change

It is a narrow mind which cannot look at a subject from various points of view.” – George Eliot

A big chunk of doing the Lightning Process involves looking at beliefs. When we’re feeling stuck with something we’re not managing to shift, we start to believe that shifting it isn’t possible.

One way we can help ourselves with this is to use different perspectives to look at the issue.

And here’s one quick and easy way of doing it:

As you choose to do this with a sense of curiosity and openness………stand up.

Designate three spots around you to be a) first person perspective b) second person perspective and c) third person perspective – make this one as far away as possible from a)

As you stand physically in the a) spot and describe the issue out loud to yourself, how it feels to you, what you’re thinking about it. Use “I”; for example, ‘I’m feeling so flipping frustrated that I can’t solve…x….’

Then stand physically in the b) spot. Now you are imagining looking at you standing in a). How do they look from this place? what do you notice about them? Tell them out loud what you are thinking about them and what you notice, using “you”. You may feel you are a friend who knows you well or a really good coach. For example, you might say ‘you look quite sad’

Then stand physically in the c) spot. This spot should be as far away as possible from a). You might peek through the door, or stand on a chair (being aware of health and safety!). In this place you are an impartial observer. You imagine looking at them standing in a). What do you notice? How do they look? What can you tell them that might be news to them and might be helpful? Tell them out loud.

Now stand back in a) and gather in these new ideas and thoughts, noticing how they give you new perspectives and ideas.

And repeat the exercise if that feels useful.

(If you’ve done the Lightning Process you could work out what states you need to make your next step – maybe confidence or motivation or something else – and use the LP to help you find what you need, and also to make a plan for yourself).

Let me know how it goes…..

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