Getting Perspective
A recent client, Rachel, gets a new perspective from riding her horse after shifting her chronic pain

Getting Perspective

Maybe you’re stuck in some kind of conflict with friends/housemates/family members

Or maybe you are looking to make a big decision

Or you are trying to get a sense of how others see you

It could be anything where you’re feeling a bit stuck…….

How about looking at it from other perspectives?

Here are various ways you can do this – choose one you like, or experiment with all of them; let’s take the first example of being in conflict; the others can be adapted to fit:

  1. Float over the situation as if you were a bird – high enough to detach from the emotions. What do you notice from up here as you look at this far away situation?
  2. Sit in a chair with another chair in front of you, with a decent amount of distance in between. From your chair tell the other person/people just what you’re thinking and feeling. When you finish, go and sit in the other chair and see how ‘you’ look and sound and how it feels to hear this information. Continue the conversation, swapping chairs as necessary, and see what different information and understandings you can gather
  3. In your mind take yourself to 2030. How does the situation look now?

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