How to have a Better Day Today

You know sometimes when you wake up and think about all the things you have to do today and how it’s all too much and maybe I’m too tired and what if?…..How will I?…..and so on. Maybe your expectation is that the day will go badly. Maybe you’ve got a difficult meeting or conversation to deal with.Maybe your health is not great.

As humans, it’s easy to spend lots time thinking about what we don’t want. I’m going to suggest you start spending much more time on what you do want

Here’s a quick and easy strategy for improving your day………

Ask yourself this question: WHEN I GET TO THE END OF TODAY HOW DO I WANT TO FEEL?

Your answer may be different to mine but I usually answer that I want to have enjoyed my day and be going to bed satisfied.

Somehow this sets up the day to be enjoyed. I approach it in a different way.

If you’re worried about a particular meeting or conversation then you may want to ask yourself: HOW DO I WANT TO FEEL AT THE END OF THIS CONVERSATION?


Although you can’t be sure what the other person or people will do in that meeting or conversation, you can be clear about how YOU want to be. For example, I might want to be calm and clear.

Merely deciding on what you want improves the probability that you’ll get what you’re aiming for.

Give it a go and send me some examples of how using this strategy has helped you.

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