How to Let Go

Are you good at knowing what to hang on to and what to let go of?

Humans can be good at hanging on to:

  • Stuff – just in case we might need it later
  • Activities we’ve done for a long time and have forgotten to check we still want to be doing them
  • People – sometimes there are people we find ourselves hanging out with that we’re not too keen on – maybe they are overly negative or too good at moaning – and yet we don’t know how to extricate ourselves
  • Resentment towards those who we feel have wronged us
  • Harsh emotional memories from the past that weigh us down and sometimes make us unwell

In order to make S-P-A-C-E for wonderful new things to come into our lives we usually need to let go of those old heavy things that clutter up our houses and our heads….

Here are some ways you might do that (you choose the one(s) that work best for you)

  1. Create a mind map or a list or a drawing using the categories above. What do you want in or out of your life? Is what you are doing ‘giving you life?’ What are the pros and cons of keeping those things in if they are not giving you life. Would you want to let go of them if you knew how?
  2. Imagine holding a bunch of helium (easily compostaable) balloons. What colours are they? One at a time, put the things/people/feelings you want to let go of into a balloon. You can label each balloon if you want. Will you let go of them one at a time, gently saying goodbye and letting it float away? Or maybe all at once, feeling immediately lighter and easier in your mind and body

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