How To Recover From A Virus

“As we change our mind, we change our body at the cellular level.” David R. Hamilton

Getting a virus is normal for us humans, isn’t it? Particularly as we move towards Autumn and Winter we sometimes become more vulnerable. And what we want to do is to look after ourselves and then recover easily, as people generally do.

(If you are someone who has got stuck with Long Covid or other post-viral stuckness then please get in touch, as these Top Tips may not be enough for you to shift this).

When we get a virus our body goes into a process of inflammation, as we bring our resources in to see the virus off.
Because our mind is way more powerful than we sometimes give it credit for, we can at least PLAY with some ideas for helping us recover more quickly than we might otherwise do. Why not? What do we have to lose?

Here are just 3 ideas for speeding up the process of recovery. Approach them playfully and see what your mind can do to change what’s happening in your body:

  1. Fear, panic and ‘what ifs’ compromise your immune system; consider just assuming that you will recover and all will soon be well; do everything you can to remain calm, to be kind to yourself while you rest and recover. Maybe it could even be nice to have to take a little time out from your busy life…..

2. Enjoy wondering what a strong immune system would look like if it was a tree.

Create for yourself a really strong powerful tree which grows up the centre of your body, absorbing nutrients from the earth and passing them up the trunk to nourish your body and create wellness. Do this several times a day

3. And now have fun creating your own placebo medicine.

We know how powerful a placebo can be. All western medicine is tested against a placebo, and has to show it is even more effective. Scientists and medics are well aware of how well placebo works. The word ‘placebo’ comes from the Latin meaning ‘I believe’.

So, your job is to imagine some medicine you would take to get rid of this virus. Is it tablets, or tonic, an injection? What colour is it? How does it smell? How does it taste? What does it say on the label about how often you should take it and how much you should take? Who prescribed it? Take this powerful medicine several times a day

Maybe this all sounds a little strange to you?

Have a go?

What do you have to lose?

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