Is Someone Really Annoying You?

Is there someone in your life you really struggle with?
Maybe someone at work or at home.

This exercise uses our brain’s ability to see things from different perspectives. It’s a powerful mechanism unique to humans. Let’s see if it can help you feel differently about the particular relationship you are having trouble with.

Take 3 pieces of paper and label them:

1. your name
2. The other person’s name
3. Observer

Place them in a circle with space between each, and with no. 3 quite far from the other 2

Stand on 1. and feel how it feels to be you in this situation
Then step away from 1. and shake off that feeling

Stand on 2. and become the other person. Step into them. How do you feel as this person?
Then step away from 2. and shake off that feeling

Stand on 3. and become the observer, someone who doesn’t know either of you and happens to be just passing by. What do you notice as you look at those 2 people?

Step away from the papers
Look at you standing in 1.
What qualities would you like to give yourself?
Maybe compassion or kindness or humour or assertiveness? Or something else?
Send yourself what you need
Step back into 1. and receive these qualities

How does this change how you feel about person 2?

(And, of course, if all else fails, just imagine them wearing pink pants on their head at all times)

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