Know You Should be Happy But Can’t Really Feel It?

I think we’ve all had those times. We can intellectually know our life is good, especially if we have a house, food, and people who love us; we’re not living in a war zone; we essentially have what we need…..

But sometimes we just can’t FEEL it

Here’s a short and simple way of changing this:

  1. Think about what in your life you feel grateful for…..maybe breakfast, a pet, friends, family, the parts of your body that are working well, a movie you saw, where you live…..whatever it is for you, and however small a thing
  2. As you think about these things, notice where the feeling of gratitude ‘lives’ in your body – it may be in your chest, or somewhere else. Feel how it feels to feel this feeling
  3. If this feeling had a colour, what colour would it be?
  4. Feeling this feeling and this colour, allow it to spread right through you and around you, and out into the world

Use this feeling of gratitude morning and evening. It will probably take you half a minute or less.

Let me know how this changes things for you…..

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