What is the Lightning Process?

The Phil Parker Lightning Process® is a training course that focuses on the science behind how the brain and body interact; it gives you powerful tools to use this brain-body link to influence your health and life.  The tools involve gentle movement and mental exercises.  With practice you can use them to change the way your nervous system works, switching on pathways which promote health and switching off ones which aren’t so good for you.

Can Anyone Learn It?

It’s not vigorous or physically demanding and can be tailored to meet the capabilities of everyone we see.  It has been designed to be simple enough for anyone to use and we’ve trained a wide range of people aged between 7 and 87, with a variety of issues and abilities. Your practitioner will be happy to discuss any special requirements you may have.

– Phil Parker, Designer of the Lightning Process

How Does it Work?

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The Lightning Process can influence your body’s health by dealing with the Physical Emergency Response (PER). This is the natural response your body has to threat, also known as the Stress Response or Fight or Flight.  Unfortunately, long-term activation of the PER has a detrimental effect on other body systems, such as the immune, muscle and digestive systems, and the ability to think and sleep. This can then lead to chronic, often unexplained, symptoms.

This training quickly teaches you how to become more resilient and to make big changes to your life and health, using the principles of neuroscience.

How Do I Apply?

Get in touch now for an informal chat about whether learning the Lightning Process could help you.

Phone 0117-9658459 (if within the UK) or Email pippa@newleaf-changes.co.uk

The cost of the 3 day Lightning Process course and up to 3 hours free follow-up coaching is £695 in the UK

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I chose to do The Lightning Process with Pippa in December 2017 to bring myself out of long term ME. I approached the course with determination to give it my best shot but also with significant cynicism and doubt that I could achieve any true improvement. Pippa is a natural communicator with a great sense of humour. I enjoyed the course as she balanced information and guidance with good humour and great insight. I am still coming to terms with the incredible wellness I feel.  I would recommend Pippa highly to anyone whether as a life coach or Lightning Process practitioner. Becca


Recent Research into the Lighting Process

In September 2017 a University of Bristol study investigating the effectiveness of The Lightning Process® programme to treat children with mild or moderate CFS or ME found improvements in symptoms. This study was reported in many media outlets at the time, including Pulse, the GP magazine, most national newspapers, and Radio 4’s Today Programme.

The study, published in the BMJ the states ‘the Lightning Process is effective and is probably cost-effective when provided in addition to specialist medical care (SMC) for mild/moderately affected adolescents with CFS/ME’ and reports that participants allocated to SMC+LP, compared to those allocated to just SMC, had:
· Improved physical function, which increased further at 12 months
· Better school attendance, which continued at 12 months
· Less fatigue, which continued at 12 months
· Greater improvement in anxiety symptoms, which continued at 12 months
· Less depression scores at 12 months
· Lowered pain scores at both six and 12 months’

You can find the latest information about research into the Lightning Process here lightningprocess.com/research/

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