Why Do The Lightning Process?


Digestive Issues – Emma’s story

Emma had been unable to digest most food, was weak and tired and mostly in bed. She had been ill for several years and had had an operation to remove part of her digestive system. After Day 1 of the course she started to eat normally (and wear jeans again!). Two months after the course she had passed her veterinary qualification and her driving test and was thoroughly loving her new life. When I met her Mum she hugged me and cried with thanks for having her daughter back. Here’s her video story after 4 months.


Chronic Fatigue, Anxiety and Alopecia – Michelle’s story

Michelle had been ill for years. Now she’s gone back to her beloved Boxing training, with a fight planned in a few months – and here’s her hair change after 3 months

Alopecia results

Riding Again – Words from Anya’s Dad

Thank you for your work with my daughter on our Lightning Process course 2 months ago. She is back to enjoying riding and fencing as well as attending college and it has made a huge difference to our family. The way you handled the sensitive situations that arose during the course was much appreciated and I would like to send an email to Phil Parker endorsing you as a practitioner.

Wheelchair to Well in Days – Sadie’s Story

One of my clients, Sadie, talks briefly to Phil Parker about the massive change in her life when she participated in one of my Lightning Process courses.

Podcast  Episode 2

And here’s what she sent me:

I decided to do the Lightning process after seeing an article in The Daily Mail in 2014.I had read the book (Introduction to the Lightning Process by Phil Parker) a year before but couldn’t get my head round it then. After seeing the article I decided to re-read it. At that time I used a wheelchair and had a carer and considered it an achievement if I could make sure I at least made herself one cup of tea a day. For 3 and a 1/2 years I didn’t leave the house without a wheelchair. Any movement of my arms and legs caused severe back pain. My carer helped me wash, cook, dress and drive. My limb pain had started after an infection in my ankle. At my worst I was on a morphine patch and 19 tablets a day and still in pain. Vibrations from being in a wheelchair on a gravel path could keep me from sitting up for 10 days!

After Day 1 of the Lightning Process Seminar I drove my car and walked happily round 3 supermarkets. After Day 2 I took off my morphine patch and had no withdrawal symptoms. I went for a long walk up a hill with some friends. Two weeks later I was singing and dancing at my 4oth Birthday party.

Sadie Birthday

Since then I have been on a high zip wire, climbed a tree, been white water rafting, held a snake, been diving, cycling, running, roller skating, and completed a full-time college course. I am now qualified in reflexology and Swedish and aromatherapy massage, and of course living the life I love. I run two successful businesses  including http://www.wiggles-and-giggles.co.uk

No More Migraines – Wendy’s Story

“I came to Pippa primarily to tackle my migraines, which had been getting worse and more frequent – sometimes it felt as if I had barely recovered from the last one before the next one hit. Needless to say, my energy and enthusiasm for life were not high. Since doing the lightning process, I have not had a single migraine. But I hadn’t expected it to also affect other areas of my life. I’m eating better (I’ve struggled with my weight for many decades), sleeping better, and exercising more – and it doesn’t feel like a struggle, it has become something I just do. I have more energy, more zest for life, and find myself noticing and appreciating all the good things that happen. I’ve had a couple of real challenges since doing the LP, and at one point felt myself slipping back into old behaviour, but a telephone session with Pippa was all I needed to get me back into my groove. The LP really works – I can’t stop recommending it to everyone I meet!”

Post-Natal Depression – Adele’s Story

“Doing the Lightning Process with Pippa Adamson has had (and continues to have) a profound effect on my life. When I approached Pippa I was in the midst of post-natal depression and was also struggling with anxiety and chronic fatigue. I fully embraced the Lightning Process and was open to the changes I needed to make to my own behaviour and thought process and I was delighted to find it worked really quickly for me.I’ve had a very difficult year, facing various personal issues, and I’ve survived! I’ve survived, lived to tell the tale, and still have a smile on my face. Pippa is always there if I need her and is amazing at helping me to help myself. This is more than a job for Pippa; I believe it’s both her talent and her calling.”

M.E./Chronic Fatigue – Sarah’s Story

“I did the Lightning Process just over a month ago and it has been the most amazing experience. I genuinely feel like I have my life back. I have energy to do things which I had completely stopped doing and it feels fantastic. It’s difficult to explain to people how it works but all I can say is that you should most definitely try it. A huge thank you to Pippa from me and all my family.”

M.E./ Chronic Fatigue – Jane’s Story

“Even during the course I noticed some positive changes and an improvement in my health condition (ME/CFS). I had much more energy, could walk so much further without my legs hurting and didn’t need my nap breaks. Since doing the Lightning Process I can do so much more without experiencing the familiar relapse/setback response. I feel like I have got a life back! I can be spontaneous again and socialise when I like, without always worrying about the consequences. Pippa is very caring, compassionate, supportive and brings humour to the sessions. She herself has had first-hand experience of doing the Lightning Process and recovering, so she can relate easily to her clients.” Jane

Anxiety and Sleep – Sarah’s Story

“The Lightning Process definitely helps reprogramme one’s brain from unhelpful patterns of negative messages or behaviours. I have used it to reduce anxiety, particularly broken sleep patterns, which were draining me of energy and creativity and not helping my effectiveness as a coach and consultant. It provides a memorable process which I use in the middle of the night or on the bus – neat!” Sarah Ackroyd, Centre for Mentoring and Coaching

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