Overwhelmed Again?

LIFE……….it takes a bit of managing doesn’t it? At the moment there are two people from developing countries (Thailand and Zimbabwe) living at our house. And what I’m noticing is that, where they might be used to doing something by hand – washing up, clothes washing, making soup – I’ve got a machine for those things.

In our world here we have a machine for many things. It’s supposed to save time and make our lives easier, isn’t it?And yet my life seems to take a lot of organising, managing, sustaining, as well as a massive amount of communicating.

So today, despite my many machines and systems, I woke up feeling overwhelmed. It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes it all gets a bit much, doesn’t it? Even fitting in and organising the fun stuff.

So what two simple things did I do to resolve this?……

  1. I gave myself time and space to calm down and think. I went to the front room to do my morning rituals (Lightning Process, yoga, Alexander Technique). You may not have those rituals, but I strongly suggest giving yourself a little space in the morning, every morning (if you’re a parent of young children you may just be able to grab a little time in the shower!). It’s amazing how great ideas and problem-solving plans just wander into your brain when you PAUSE.

2. And then I asked myself in a slow calm voice…….’what’s your first step?’…and when that was done……’what’s your next step?’

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