Shiatsu Massage


If you are looking for body-work to resolve your issues, contact Newleaf’s qualified Shiatsu massage therapist, Derrick Purdue.

Shiatsu is a gentle, yet powerful Japanese massage therapy which is undertaken fully clothed and is based on acupressure points and energy flows.

Shiatsu is relaxing and enjoyable and useful for all sorts of symptoms and conditions, both physical and psychological, including post-natal issues and feeling tired or low.

Relaxing Shiatsu massage is excellent for relieving stress and creating well-being. Shiatsu treatments are carried out on a futon mattress. A full 60 minute treatment costs £40. Shorter 30 minute treatments are available at £25.

Call Derrick for a free consultation on tel: 0117-9658459 or email

Workplace Shiatsu Massage

If you want Derrick to visit your workplace or community group and to provide shorter shiatsu treatments  to several people, he can bring his massage chair, and provide 15 minute treatments for £10 each.

Derrick works at the Fishponds Practice in East Bristol. You can follow me on Derrick Purdue Shiatsu Bristol



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