Symptoms – A Quick Fix

Have got a symptom at the moment that bothers you? Those of you who have worked with me may recognise this speedy yet highly effective way to shift it.

Headache, indigestion, stiffness, pain, eczema….it doesn’t matter what it is

It’s works by looking at how your brain is currently ‘coding’ your symptom

For example, if you have (are dûing, for fans of the Lightning Process) a HEADACHE, consider for a moment……

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STEP ONE – If you were to draw a picture of it


What colour is it?

How big is it?

Is it hot or cold?

Where is it?

What kind of texture does it have?

How do you feel about it?

Whatever picture you come up with IS HOW YOUR BRAIN IS CODING YOUR HEADACHE

STEP TWO – what would you like instead?

Consider how you might want to change this picture you’ve made….experiment, playfully and kindly

How would it be if you changed the colours?

Made it warmer or cooler?

Made it smoother?

Made it very small and put it far away from you

As you start to play with these potential changes (and any others that suit you), you will notice that they have different effects on you

Your brain has started to code the symptom differently

STEP THREE – keep the changes you like

Remembering that this is merely a playful experiment and you have complete control over the changes…..

Keep the ones you like

Notice how the new picture and placement creates a whole new feeling…….

A whole new relationship to your original symptom

STEP FOUR – Well Done!

Congratulate yourself: you have recoded your very own brain

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