Who Will You Dare To Be This Month?

Do you think of yourself as daring? Maybe not. Do you allow yourself to s-t-r-e-t-c-h yourself sometimes, or have you been playing it safe?

For many people who do the Lightning Process their fear is of doing too much and ‘crashing’. We are very clear about not ‘pushing through’ and doing too much too soon. However we are also giving you a tool that allows you to learn to s-t-r-e-t-c-h what you are able to do, so that you can start to become fitter and more able. Everyone has to do this in their own time; to treat themselves like an athlete recovering from an injury, and get a sense of what’s ok to do.

What about the mental s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-s though? What about you learning to take more risks and step outside your usual comfort zone. How will that help you?

Here are some Dares for you for July. I thought of 9. Maybe pick your favourite and do it? Or perhaps your 3 favourites.

And remind yourself daily what they are.

Let me know how it goes…….

  • Dare to fail – risk doing something you’re not sure you can actually do, and do it anyway; risk making mistakes
  • Dare to fear – you know what they say, ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’; what will you do that you’ve always meant to have a go at?
  • Dare to be different – is there something you’ve always wanted to wear or a way you’ve always wanted to live, that you haven’t dared yet?
  • Dare to accept yourself for who you are – how will that change how you behave?
  • Dare to know you are good enough – no comparing yourself to others; just getting on with it and knowing you’re ok
  • Dare to REALLY live – no more cautious decisions about how you move, what you wear, whether you sing or dance…..
  • Dare to begin – you know that project/book/drawing/knitting that’s been in the back of your mind……
  • Dare to make a decision – it’s time to go for it
  • Dare to use your Lightning Process tools – they can help you work out what you want and how to make it happen


Katie at the top of a mountain 6 months after doing the Lightning Process for Long Covid

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